Daniel’s story is one similar to many who have been impacted by the ministry of Fishers of Men

Daniel's Testimony

​Like most other people Fishers of Men have helped I met Bobby, Branwen and the helpers at Fishers of Men while living on the streets. Addicted to Pot (Marijuana) and with a couldn’t care less attitude.

I am not proud of having lived on the streets but it has taught me a few things that have helped mould me into what I am today. The two times living in the Discipleship program really helped me grow as a Christian being around people that have been through the same thing and also around Christians that have been walking with Christ a number of years.  Since moving out of the house I have stumbled at times (No, I’m not perfect), but something that helps me when I stumble are some of the things that I have learned in the program.

One of the major things I think for me is knowing who I am in Christ, and the fact that we can go to him with anything we need and also when we don’t need anything and just want to be thankful. One thing I have done since moving out of the house is surround myself with other strong Christians that I can learn from and also help keep me accountable. 

I just want to finish with a thought on a piece of the New Testament that I love, which is the passage where Jesus was walking on water and he calls Peter out of the boat.  He was fine walking on the water until he focused on his circumstances and stopped focussing on Jesus.  I think that if we focus on Jesus and not worry about our own circumstances then we can do everything Christ calls us to.

Daniel has completed a Bachelor of Ministry through CHC and since leaving Fishers of Men has married the lovely Bonnie.  He now volunteers at the first stage discipleship house every Monday, supervising the student counsellors, and speaking into the lives of men who are  going through what he once did.