Fishers of Men is an inter-denominational Christian charity ministering without distinction to those who are homeless, at threat of homelessness, or poor or needy.

Our Story

Fishers of Men is
all about helping people both practically and spiritually.  Bobby Mearns,
founding director and chairman was a heroin addict for over 20 years who got
set free from addiction in a Hong Kong based rehabilitation program run by
Jackie Pullinger, he has now been “clean” for over 25 years.  Bobby met
Branwen, an Aussie, who was living in Hong Kong and smuggling Bibles to China,
they moved to Australia, married, and started serving the poor almost
immediately.  Fishers of Men was born out of a heart to share the love of
Christ with people practically


Fishers of Man has over 100 volunteers from a variety of Brisbane based churches. Volunteers range from doctors/solicitors to pensioners and ex addicts all contributing their time freely for the benefit of others as they support them through difficult times with a variety of charitable programs. 

After providing food, blankets and clothes to homeless people in Brisbane for many years, Fishers of Man recognized a need to provide further care and assistance for people with addictions. “Lorimer” was opened in 2006 as a means of providing residential support for those who really wanted hep to change. The “Freedom from Addiction” program offered, provides resident with emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual support in an effort to help facilitate recovery. Since inception, another 2 “Second Stage” houses have been opened to further assist men transitioning to a “normal” independent life after completing the first stage. As donations of furniture and other household items were received, Fishers of Men began to support those who has been homeless receiving accommodation with free furniture and household items, turning houses into homes where possible. The enterprise has grown to the point where many people experiencing crisis situations have been able to receive help in their time of need. 

Fishers of Men’s Foundation is Christ. As we look to Him, the one who enables recovery and freedom from addiction, who cares for the needs of all, regardless of their background, ethnicity, religion, or gender, we seek to reach out to others and share the love that he has given us practically as resources allow. Through the display of Christ’s love in action, many lives have been transformed and changed with hope for the future. 

What We Do

Fishers of Men has a house in Springwood with 6 huge bedrooms, 2 lounge rooms, 2 bathrooms and a large outside undercover area.

The house is registered as a therapeutic model for 12 residents which includes 2 leaders.

 Fishers of Men yearly gives many hundreds of food parcels free of charge to people in need, as food is available. When available, blankets and clothing are also distributed to those in need.

There are also thousands of hot meals provided, as well as the many people served through the street van.

Fishers of Men buses men from homeless shelters in the city and Logan, inviting any and all to come to a fellowship meal. At a home in Rochedale, they are given a healthy meal, yummy dessert, tea/coffee, access to fruit, bread,and takeaway food parcels, and when available also blankets and clothes.

In 2014, Fishers of Men purchased a property in Rochedale South, for men who have successfully progressed through the first stage program, Lorimer, who are ready for independent living, while still being supported externally as necessary.

The street van goes out every Friday and Saturday night. They meet at 753 Underwood Rd at 7:30pm and finish usually around 1:00am.

They go to a variety of locations as needed, from Skateboard parks & parks, to train stations and frequented areas, providing hope, and encouragement.

As part of a response to homelessness and helping people in crisis situations, Fishers of Men receives donations of furniture from the public. 

These go to people escaping domestic violence, and those exiting crisis and cycles of homelessness or addiction.


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