Fishers of Men is an inter-denominational Christian charity (public company) ministering without distinction to those who are homeless, at threat of homelessness, or poor or needy.

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Homeless Service
Fishers of Men sends out a bus to the homeless shelters in the city and 2 mini buses to Logan, inviting any and all to come to a fellowship meal.
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Discipleship House – First Stage
Fishers of Men has a house in Springwood with 6 huge bedrooms, 2 lounge rooms, 2 bathrooms and a large outside undercover area which is used to help addicts, homeless and prisoners realize their full potential.
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Discipleship HouseSecond Stage
Fishers of Men has a property in Rochedale South for men who have successfully progressed through the first stage program, Lorimer, for the next level of independent living, while still being supported externally as necessary.
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Furniture Ministry
As part of a response to homelessness and helping people in crisis situations, Fishers of Men receives donations of furniture from the public and re-gifts it to those in need.
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Street Van
The street van goes out every Friday and Saturday night. Volunteers go to a variety of locations as the need arises, from Skateboard parks & parks, to train stations and frequented areas. At these locations they provide hope, and encouragement.
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Cherbourg Outreach
Fishers of Men conduct a biannual outreach to Cherbourg, an indigenous community approx. 4 hours from Brisbane, over Easter and Christmas.
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Food Parcels
Fishers of Men occasionally gives food parcels free of charge to people in need, including some local families. This service is given as food is available.
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TUESDAY Outreach
OZCARE in West End has 90 beds available per night for homeless men and provides many other services for the homeless as well.
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