Fishers of Men aims to fulfill the “Great Commission”

A. We aim to assist disadvantaged people (especially those suffering from homelessness or the threat of homelessness) in practical ways as resources allow, including the provision of food, blankets, clothing, accommodation and transportation, offering participation in social and community activities which would otherwise be inaccessible, and

B. Provide a framework for that service to happen – including fundraising; thereby equipping members of the community who wish to volunteer their time and services to help others in this manner.” 

(Taken from FOM Constitution 3.”Objects” 2004 pg2)


An inter-denominational Christian charity (public company) ministering without distinction to those who are homeless, at threat of homelessness, or poor or needy.


Fishers of Men has over 100 volunteers from a variety of Churches within the Logan area.  Volunteers range from doctors/solicitors to pensioners, all contributing their time freely for the benefit of others and supporting them through difficult times with a view to permanent rehabilitation.  Bobby Mearns the chairman of the board was himself a heroin addict for over 20 yrs before he became a Christian in a rehabilitation programme run much like this one in Hong Kong.  Before he lived in a Christian residence like the one run by Fishers of Men this for 2 yrs. He has been “clean” now for over 25 yrs.  

After providing services to and for homeless people in Brisbane for many years, Fishers of Men recognised a need to provide further care and assistance for people with addictions. “LORIMER” was opened in 2006 as a means of providing those services. “LORIMER” provides residents with emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual support in an effort to help facilitate the recovery process. Our undergirding premise is that Christ is the only one who can secure true recovery and freedom from addition. We aim to direct people away from their life controlling behaviours, and focus them instead on Christ, to the point that they can be free, and in turn help others.

Fishers of Men Could Not Serve without your valuable support! Thank you!!

Fishers of Men is a Registered Residential Service with the Department of Fair Trading, with level 1 and 3 accreditation.