Fishers of Men sends out buses to the city and Logan on Wednesday and Sunday nights inviting people to a fellowship meal, dessert, tea and coffee.  Blankets, clothes and food parcels are all made freely available at these meetings.

​On arriving at a home in Rochedale, they are given a healthy meal, yummy dessert, tea/coffee, access to fruit, bread, and takeaway food parcels. FOM also gives blankets and clothes.

After some singing and a message about Jesus, invariably an altar call is given, often many respond. Last year many either gave their lives to Jesus for the first time or made a re-dedication, our team baptised a number of people, and gave over 6000+ meals.

This happens on both Sunday and Wednesday nights (6:00pm at 753 Underwood Road, Rochedale South), with Sunday being more of a Church type service and Wednesday being more discipleship and teaching.

Many people who have been directly impacted by the street van are also attending the services and we have seen many lives transformed.  Some times whole families have been impacted. Seeing people going from being drunk and on the street to reconciled with their families and turning their lives around is awesome a fantastic testament to Jesus.

Pick up times from the city are:

139 Club – 4.50pm
Pindari – 5:00pm
Wickham Tce, opp Roma House – 5.15pm
Ozcare – 5:25pm

Pindari – 5.00pm
Wickham Tce, opp Roma House – 5.15pm
Ozcare – 5.25pm

Pickup times to Logan on Wednesdays and Sundays vary:
We will be at Woodridge Train Station after 5.00pm
To confirm/arrange a Logan Pick up, call FOM on 33410160, or Dave on 0413 502 647