The street van goes out every Friday and Saturday night.  They meet at 753 Underwood Rd at 7:30pm and finish usually around 1:00am.  There is a roster of volunteers who go out in teams of three under the direction of a leader.  Volunteers are from a variety of different denominations.  They go to a variety of locations as the need arises, from Skateboard parks & parks, to train stations and frequented areas.  At these locations they provide hope, and encouragement.

They give out milos, teas, coffees, cordials, biscuits, chips, sandwiches, blankets, warm clothes, Bibles and tracts.  On different occasions, they have assisted people in need, averted aggressive situations, helped those who are stuck or in trouble, given assistance home, protected youth at risk. They have taken people to hospital, provided minor medical attention to grazes and bumps, referred those in need to appropriate services, and helped homeless find a bed for the night, even driving them there.  Many people have been positively impacted from the street van’s influence. 

More volunteers needed – training and support provided.

For the current street van volunteer roster, please contact us