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Samuel wanted to help the Homeless, he put a call out saying it is winter and it is cold and there are people living on the streets with no warm clothes, food and blankets. In Qld 49 people out of every 10,000 are homeless.

So Samuel helped a wonderful charity called the Fishers of Men. They provide a Christian Community based street van in Logan, meals, blankets, furniture for those exiting the crisis cycle and a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for people in need. In one word they are amazing!

With the support, kindness and donations last year you helped him supply over 70 homeless packs, food and clothing and this year with amazing hand knitted blankets, scarfs, beanies, cash for food donations, mens clothes and much more.

The photos here speak for themselves, the donations are given directly to the Homeless. The Homeless were fed a warm meal, dessert, warm drinks plus given clothes, blankets and all the donations while sitting around heaters listening to the amazing messages from the Fishers of Men that have transformed lives and helped so many.

This year in the photos you will see another very special 10 year old who also did some wonderful fundraising of her own. Samuel’s Class mate Bella collected $400 and the rest of his Class with the Coordination of their beautiful Teacher collected other donations which was truly amazing also.

Thank you to each and everyone who helped in anyway. We know there are a few extra things coming and we are happy to give to them. As you can see this Charity gives directly, in fact open there own home twice a week for the meals but daily to help.

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