“My little children, let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth. And by this we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before Him”
1 John 3:18-19

We have an amazing privilege to serve those in need, but with that privilege comes a responsibility.

​Following are the guidelines and expectations we have of our volunteers:

1. Accidents

Are to be reported to the team leader of directors

2. Attendance

Please let us know in advance if you cannot meet prior arrangements

3. Blood

Where basic first aid is carried out, please use gloves and avoid any blood

4. Counselling

(a) We do not acknowledge ourselves as professional counsellors

(b) If possible, males pray for and console males and females pray for and console females. Otherwise please have another team member within earshot at all time, taking care not to place yourselves in a vulnerable position.

5. Dress

Nothing too revealing. Commonsense and casual wins.

6. Drugs

No team member is to take possession of any substance which may be a drug

7. Donations

Please pass any donations directly to Bobby, Branwen or Ben

8. Emergencies

All emergencies should be reported to relevant authorities (fire brigade, police or ambulance)

9. Home Placements

Please do not take people to your own home without communicating with the Leaders

10. Immunisations

We advise you to have immunisations up-to-date. Hep B immunisations are now available on request. Taking this precaution would be to your advantage.

11. Legality

No team member should participate in anything illegal

12. Media

Please do not speak to the media about anything we do. Refer all such matters to Bobby, Branwen or Ben

13. Money

Please don’t give money to the homeless people that come here. Exceptional circumstances may be negotiated by actually buying a needed item, such as a burger or bus ticket for the person without money changing hands. If uncertain, please see the leaders.

14. Personal Information

Please do not divulge any information about other team members without consent. Also, be careful about giving your own personal details to people. If you do, let someone in leadership know that you have

15. Phone numbers

Same as above regarding personal information

16. Referrals

If someone needs a referral to another agency, we have a folder which will provide necessary information.

17. Relationships

Please avoid a romantic relationship with anyone we are trying to help. This usually ends in disaster for all concerned. Please consult leaders if you are uncertain.

18. Safety

Please alert leaders to anything you think is unsafe.

19. Team Unity

Always endeavour to pray for and work towards total team unity. Do not allow those who we are trying to help, to ‘play us off’ against each other. No ‘wheelbarrow pushing’ – we are here for Christ and not one specific denomination. Clarify any issues through clear and open communication with the person/s involved.

20. Training

We hope you will be willing to continue ongoing training with us as it becomes available, particularly as we focus on specialised issues

21. Violence

If a violent situation occurs, withdraw from that situation and alert leaders. If necessary, get backup

22. Volunteer Information Form

Please fill in a volunteer information form. This helps us to know more about you and ensures your skills are used to their best advantage for the team and the people with whom we work.

Contact us for any further information.