Tom's Testimony

“Tom” is another man whose life was drastically changed through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is his story:

​Life was cruel.  My parents were alcholics and violent.  All of us kids ended up as state wards in welfare homes.  We never got to know each other as family.  I ended up hanging out with others in the same lifestyle as me, became destructive and stole.  I stayed in the home until my teens but became violent myself and a drug addict.  At the age of 17 I was put in prison for the first time and learned to do worse things.  There was no rehabilitation, so I eventually became a drug dealer.  The closest thing I had to family was the club scene, I even lost one of my legs in a bike accident.  Life was full of rebellion, and I did more prison time.  I came out in 1998 after doing 8 years.

By then I was sick of the whole lifestyle.  I found a friend who lived in Queensland and came here, but I was still in trouble and living on the streets.  I was in Pindari looking for food when I met Bobby.  I went to Church to get food but soon realised I was getting fed spiritually as well as naturally.  After attending church three times I gave my life to Jesus because I looked around and saw how happy everyone was while I was feeling so sad.  As soon as I went forward I began to notice changes in myself, and felt I could no longer live at Pindari because of the lifestyle that was there.  I knew that others had left Pindari to live at the discipleship houses and felt in my heart that it was also the place for me.

This was a big step in my Christian walk.  I was very encouraged by the testimonies of others and those who came to the house regularly to teach and answer questions.  I thought about my life, realised the world had nothing to offer and just wanted to know the Lord more.

I have learnt now that life is about helping others too, not just myself.

I came to the Lord 2001, and my journey since the discipleship house until now has been full-on.  I stepped out,  got married and got work, and started living life as a normal person, I‘ve bought myself a 1992 Ford Ute and I’m now reconciled to my kids, and am a granddad.  It’s been hard.  A couple of times I’ve nearly given up, but God has helped me.  I’ve been through a car accident where I’ve nearly lost my life "and" I know the devil’s against me, my good leg is swollen, and I’m in pain with my bad leg (Tom previously lost a leg in an accident), but always, I know that God is with me and helped me.

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