Steve's Testimony

If I had never met people like Fishers of Men to teach me about the power of God, I wouldn't be where I am today!

​I lived on the streets for a number of years, trying to deal with my drug addiction to speed and heroin. 

I had been in and out of prison a number of times and my last jail sentence I was looking at a possible 5 years for serious grievous bodily harm.  In jail you are able to attend a number of courses and one of those was a Christian course.  When I went there one of my best friends that I used to score heroin off was one of the facilitators of the course.  When I approached him I asked if this was a joke, if this was how he was going to get out of prison.  He said no, I became a Christian.  I told him that I am also a Christian but that I had back-slidden.  He told me that it was okay because God forgives us.  Therefore I did the course and got the certificate.  When I received my certificate I was following a guy called Richard Copelind who told me that God will move a lot of mountains in your life this year.  I believed that word and I waited for a couple of months until I had to appear at a district court for my charges.  I prayed in my cell on the day of the trial, “God, if I am meant to be in jail, I will keep doing my devotions with you, but if I get out of it today I will serve you for the rest of my life.”  When I faced the court they gave me 2 years parole with an immediate release to Fishers of Men.

While I have been with Fishers of Men I have be able to finish $12,000 of community service.  I have completed the first stage program Lorimer and am now at their second stage program while acting as a helper for Lorimer.  I have less than one year to go with my parole.  All of this has happened through the grace of God!  My family couldn’t be happier and they are now coming to me for advice on various things.  Once upon a time I wasn’t allowed to be on my mother’s property as she didn’t like the habits I had, now she allows me to come and visit whenever I want.  I thank God because my younger sister has since come to the Lord too because she has seen how God has touched my life!  She has the same kind of background as me but is also learning to deal with it now that she knows the Lord.

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