“I’m blessed to say that my past is under the Blood of Jesus so I won’t glorify it.  Before I became a Christian I was a cook, (of drugs) a drug dealer and a very violent man, which encapsulates a lot.  I lost a lot.  All that I thought was good, I lost.  I had a grief in my heart for losing my 3 daughters, two families and things got even worse than that.  I was hurting so much from losing my kids that I tried to kill myself. I tried to hang myself from the ceiling fan in my room.  My mum found me after the fan came out of the roof making a loud noise.  She found me on the floor crying my eyes out.  She heard my cry for help, but the help I wanted was for her to help me die.  Instead she put me into the Ozcare detox, which I accepted just to make her happy.

I didn’t intend to stop what I was doing.  Then Bobby from Fishers of Men came in to the detox.  He invited me to one of their meetings.  They spoke life into me and 2 weeks later I gave my heart to God.  Since then I haven’t looked back.”

Steve’s baptism

Steve has been born again for over 4 years now and is working full time as a house leader at the first stage house, Lorimer.  He mentors and encourages new believers as they make the break from addiction he once did.  In addition, Steve is now reconciled to his daughters and family, attends New Heart Baptist Church and is engaging in study at CHC as an audit student.

Christ heals the broken hearted and sets them free to minister.

Steve with a 2 of his 3 daughters