I credit Fishers of Men for giving me the chance to change my life. Since then my outlook has changed, no more do I feel the urge to steal, or crave the high feeling, the rush. The Lord has changed that part of my life.

​I was three years old when my parents divorced. Much of my early life is a blur, but I do remember one incident that stands out more that the others. On this occasion we were all together at home and a big bang came at the door. I can’t remember how it was opened but when it was my dad was there and the police were everywhere. The police came in and pinned my dad to the floor and put a gun to his head saying “stop moving otherwise I’ll shoot you”.

I grew up with hate in my heart against the police and authority. I was a troubled kid in school. Throughout primary school particularly, I was suspended for bullying and disrespect for teachers. I had trouble learning because of ADHD and was medicated from an early age with dexamphetamine which is a type of drug known as speed.

Having been expelled while in grade 6 for extended periods of time I became used to not going to school. So when it was time to go to high school I found it hard to adjust and I also found it difficult to make friends. So after 1 week I dropped out. At this point I found a group of people to hang out with and gradually we became friends. We began to smoke weed and drink a lot of alcohol. We started committing burglaries, stealing cars; this became my life on a day to day basis. Much of my time was also spent visiting my father and elder brother in prison. Through them I learnt a lot about crime. At this young age I also witnessed my brother and his friend using needles to take drugs.

At the age of 14 I gave up smoking weed but kept drinking a lot. Then I was introduced to Ecstasy and Speed. I began to use them occasionally at first, then my father passed away and at the age of 15 my drinking became worse and I began to use speed more often. The last three years of my addiction was the worst time. I started injecting it a few times a week. Then finally over the last two years it became a daily occurrence or whenever I could get it.

After my 19th birthday I was put in prison where I came down off a massive bender.  The first night after lock down and in the remand yard I experienced contact with demonic spirits that were speaking to me. During this time I began to cut myself and ended up in a different part of the main prison, in solitary confinement on suicide watch. After this when I got out of prison I promised myself that I would never take drugs again. But then I hit them harder than before I went to prison. Months later I was diagnosed with speed psychosis and prescribed a high dose of medication. When things started to get more out of hand I decided to leave my home town and make a new beginning.

I came to Queensland on the 12th November 2012 and signed into a 5 day detox. Centre at Ozcare. While I was there I met some people who came to talk to us about Jesus. This helped a lot so after the detox programme I came to the Fishers of Men discipleship house. After 2 days into my stay at the house I gave my life to Christ.

A few months later  I was baptised in water and with the Holy Spirit. I have been clean thanks to my Saviour. I’ve also been healed from Speed Psychosis and no longer take the related medications, Praise God. A couple of times I’ve slipped, but each time I’ve reached out my hand to Jesus and He’s been there and picked me up.  Life is a journey, that looks like a long distance race, that was the race I achieved the best results!

I credit Fishers of Men for giving me the chance to change my life. Since then my outlook has changed, no more do I feel the urge to steal, or crave the high feeling, the rush. The Lord has changed that part of my life. Where once I harboured hatred towards the police and did everything I could to cause trouble, that’s no longer a part of my life. Each day I want to serve the Lord. Because Jesus helped me I want to help anyone I can. I have an earnest desire to give back to the community to be a contributor instead of a taker.

I want to be able to spread the love of Jesus to those who are now living the kind of life I used to live. I enjoy going out on the Street Van and having the opportunity to reach many homeless people and those who are also in need because of their addictions. 

While residing with Fishers of Men Aidan completed (one of the top of his class) a Diploma of Ministry through Rhema Bible College.  He has his own landscaping business, and has married the lovely Annaliese, the two live in the Gold Coast Hinterland, and he is thriving in his walk with the Lord!